Kyrsaku "Kyr" Sbudua

Sniper looking for vengence


To the masses of Mithgar, the Kitsunes are merely a legend, and the slave trade will do almost anything to keep it that way. In reality, though never in great number, Kitsunes did exist, and for a long time lived peacefully on Mithgar with the other races. The mysterious person or group who started the slave trade initially used it to sell Kitsunes to the more shady and dark tourists who came to Mithgar. As the trade grew, the forces behind it moved toward other races, like Halflings, and realized their mistake of shipping their “products” off Mithgar, where they could no longer steal them back and maintain constant profits. They began a new system, leading to the way the trade is today, but the damage had been done to the Kitsune race. Nowadays, they are an endangered species, and will possibly even be extinct within the next few generations. Those Kitsunes that remain have, for the most part, have gone into hiding, and want little to do with anyone who might leak knowledge of them back to the force behind the slave trade.

Most, but not all.

Kyrsaku Sbudua’s anger at the death of his race, particularly the loss of his family to the slavers when they had found Kyrsaku’s home in the more rural parts of Mithgar, has propelled him to action. Masquerading as a human by the name of Kyr, he has returned to the main civilization of Mithgar, and has begun his search for the forces behind the slave trade. Kitsunes are neutral by nature, but Kyrsaku has begun pushing the limits of “neutral”: though he wishes to help others and is generally a good person, his hatred towards the slave trade threatens to consume him and turn him into the very type of monster he wishes to stop. Only time will tell if he can overcome the darkness within, and whether or not he will survive his one person war against the slave trade long enough to find out.

Kyrsaku "Kyr" Sbudua

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