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All World

The All-World uses the pathfinder pantheon/story of creation. You can find all that with some fun Google stuff.


Mithgar is a beautiful island continent full of lush forests, beautiful lakes and, most importantly, the richest mines in All-World. The mines have made Mithgar a rich continent, and one that is well populated and traveled. Entrepreneurs come to Mithgar to invest in mines, tourists come to view the beautiful landscape, and adventurers come to explore long-abandoned caves. The residents of Mithgar vary in race and profession. The most plentiful being the dwarves who work the mines and protect them from those in the Underdark. The rich mines also lead to an abundance of gems that are frequently used by the High Eves for arcane purposes. Halflings are less civilized on Mithgar, most of their societies exist in nature, removed from the hustle and bustle of the cities, although they frequently trade and commune with Wood Elves. Gnomes are found wherever people are, usually looking for attention and praise. Humans fit into most societies, getting along with the other races amicably. Other, smaller races also exist throughout Mithgar, but have neither the influence nor quantity of the main races.

There is a darker side to Mithgar as well. Slave trading is all too common; through manipulation and subjugation, several Halflings find themselves working for little to no pay, and the former race of Kitsunes are all but extinct. There are back alley dealers that use the fruitful nature to create poisons for those looking to get vengeance or even to just advance themselves. One of the darkest rumors involves fear of Drow walking among the surface, observing and planning for attack. The mines are constantly threatened by Dark Dwarves or Dreugar, which makes many Dwarves well-equipped to protect their own domain.

Current Events

As of late, the market has become flooded with weapons and magical items made from obsidian. One after the other, mines have hit veins of obsidian that seem to be endless, as such, Obsidian has become as common as iron and steel [costs the same].

Some towns have become more dangerous, people disappearing, guards proving to be corrupt.

The King of Goldedon, the capital city of Mithgar, has taken ill, and is frequently bedridden.

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